Relentless with Ease

I have been watching YouTube videos of Mr. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X. I was amazed for his relentless work, effort and persuasion to materialize his visions. As big as his dreams are, his challenges were unbelievably huge, but he managed not believe in failure. He is so nice and inclusive. One of video was a discussion with US senates. It was so obvious who is in influence of old systems. In the end, I am convinced that we reached a point that the changes are here now. We can't live without see what is happening in the world. We need to choose.

I am visiting my family in Japan. While I am in Japan, I wanted to take some Mandala classes from Oruha-san's graduates. Oruha is my mandala teacher. I took her Artist's course 2 years ago. Since last time, Oruha developed upgraded programs for beginners, artist course, graduate's study courses combination of counseling. I was amazed how her programs deepened. Now she offers templates for beginner's classes which I will offer in the future classes.

I couldn't meet Oruha-san this time, but she gave me a message. 「ひとつひとつ為すべきことをしていくと道は開けます。道を大切にできるかが鍵ですね 」"A path will open when we complete one task to next. The key is whether we can make the path as the most important thing and cherish it or not." She is saying even a little thing, do it with your full attention and in the end, a new path will open.

Mr. Musk talked how many hours a week he works in one of videos. 45 hours for Tesla and 45 hours for Space X per week. I am sure he spends every minutes with his full attention and cherish the time with his people. How inspiring!

As we heal ourselves and connect with our true being, we can process tasks in short period of time with ease. I am believing it.

Thank you for reading.

Many blessings.



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