Core Value Change

How are you? This question apply to me as well. How am I? Where am I? What am I doing now?

Since I came back from Augusta Festival in middle of September, I have been experiencing rapid decision making resulting rapid changes. Moving from a safe place to no permanent place planed (I have never done this before), going to a retreat (to kill two birds with one stone) in NC a day before the event during my moving week and deciding to traveling to Japan last weekend for this week which changed next three month plans.

Without consciously understanding, I have been doing serious purging of my old self since September, 2016. Just before the Eclipse, I was facing my deepest old self. It was very intense days, weeks and months. Now, I have gone through that, the PROCESS itself gave me tremendous growth. Execution of detail steps and completion in time by myself. It is ok not knowing everything, laughing at myself saying "it is total surrender!".

I used to have a lot of fear. Fear of unknown territory which is not stepping into the terriroty. Once I stepped into unknown, the fear is gone. What is my fear and what I need to know? What am I avoiding to face? In the end, the fear I had wasn't that bad.

We are all in different stages, so take it easy my friends! Love you and take good care of yourself including myself.

Many blessings,



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