To Raise Your Love Vibration

Since I have moved to this current place, one year has passed already. It feels like only 6 months, but the fact is that time is marching by like a nonstop soldier. I decided to purge everything I don't need and keep only meaningful items.

Going through my files, I found my application form of immigration paper dated October, 1990. It has all my finger prints. Also, a receipt of $60 and my photo. I looked like a happy young Japanese girl waiting for a happy life to start in U.S. Yes, it has been a quite journey.

Then I found this piece of paper. It says "To Raise Your Love Vibration".

To Raise Your Love Vibration

I know who I am as love

I know what I am as love

I know how I serve as love

I know why I am here as love

I trust and align with the highest vibration of unconditional love

I surrender and let go of anyone, anything, any memory, any experience, any condition, any belief, any past lives, any emotion, any energy, and any unbalanced karma that is less than the vibration of unconditional love

I am here. I am here. I am here.

I am word

I am love

I AM that I AM!

(Paul Selig and Guides)

I am sure when I decided to cut and keep it, I didn't know the deep meaning of this. Finding this is like a message from me from the past. Thank you, Ryoko there was love to yourself from past to future.

Many Blessings,



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