She got it!

I am in Augusta, GA for Art in the Heart Augusta Festival this weekend. It is a big festival and expecting 90,000 people for this year. The organization notified me that I was accepted for this event 2 weeks ago. I was on their waiting list. This is my first art festival out of SC.

This afternoon, a young family came to my tent. When I greeted them, I saw a little girl sitting in front of Mandalas. I have heard that a young child would know what Mandala does, but I have never witnessed. Her name is Kylie and she was gazing at a Mandala. After she finished gazing one, she moved to the next. She was pretty intense. Now I regretted that I didn't asked what she was doing or seeing. Her parents and sister waited for a while, but she continued. Finally, her father asked her to leave. Thank you, Kylie and her family to come to my tent. If I can find Kylie's family, I love to connect with them.




Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibit

Booth No. 42

Calhoun St

Downtown Charleston, SC  

​May 27 through June 11th, 2017

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