Nourishment for the soul

I go to a hamburger shop once a while. I don't eat much red meat, but I give myself a treat with a hamburger, cajun French fries and root beer. When I came to U.S., I thought root beer tastes like a medicine. Now I drink it and I am satisfied with it.

Our tastes and desires change over time. Food or things made us happy no longer satisfy us over our lifetime. What makes us happy permanently? Remembering happy memories, having a job with a life purpose, having a loving family and friends, having a house you dreamed about, traveling all over the world, etc., or could be all of these.

I was doing a short meditation in the morning. I have forgotten to connect with Inner Child a couple of week, "Shoot! I have to connect with her! She must be so mad at me, not listening what she wants". I was talking to myself.

This is what my imagination showed me. She came out and holding in her hands. When she opened her little hands, there was a little bright light. She wanted to give me the light. I was amazed by her gesture. I grabbed her and wrapped her with a pink blanket of energy. It made me smile whole day.

Many blessings,


Butterflies are taking honey from a flower. Everyone needs nourishment.


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