Light Balls

I happened to watch a reality show about a farmer's life in Alaska. They raise cows in wilderness. One calf was bitten by a bear on his shoulder. It looked pretty raw, but he survived. So many weeks later, the calf has a big rump on his shoulder. The wound was infected.

Next, the farmer got his knife out and stubbed the wound. The calf jumped a little, but he looked like relieved. The knife cut the skin and released what was inside. White liquid came out like milk and blood in the end. It was pretty gruesome scene, but now the calf has chance to heal completely.

Have the knife been brought to us and cutting our wounds? Aren't we healing together? We can find jewels in the most painful moments!

In the meantime, I was clearing my old files and found this note from some lecture. I don't know who said this and when.

None to born to be evil

Devoid of light

Wasn't loved or misdirected, bent, twisted

Lack of light, lack of love

If anger is expressed, anger returns

Choose a different path

Express a different path.

Challenge. Instead of reaching out, leave it alone

That will make you grow

Palladium, hate to shift, don't walk away

The other day, I was at my friend's salon. It was nice cool day and I noticed a door of this Spa place was open. It is not a regular spa. Only male clients go. My friends said it opened 6 months ago. They watch men go there from the salon and laugh. That day, I felt I wanted to do this. I downloaded light from above and made light balls and throw them in the shop from the distance. Maybe light is called there.

Two years ago, I was participating a workshop by Deborah Mills (Executive Director at School of Healing and Enlightenment in Asheville). Back then, I didn't know what my life was going to be. During her meditation, I saw I was throwing light balls into the darkness. I didn't see where I was aiming in the total darkness. I was like a pitcher throwing light balls and didn't know why I was watching it. I remember now. I know now what that was meant.

Thank you for reading.

Many blessings,


This is my self portrait mandala. There is a little square in the middle. It wasn't my intention to create the square, it happened. Only highest good go through the square. :)


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