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June 26, 2017

Thank you so much for visiting my tent during Piccolo Spoleto this year.  I met inspirational people again this year.  During the art show, new ideas to showcase the art came and I am so grateful.  One is creating a Mandala on a wooden block.  Another one is creating wooden earrings.  


Artist & Craftsman Supply in downtown was giving away 6"x6" wooden blocks for artists to create art and exchange the arts with other artists.  The size is as same as my small Mandala, so I thought why not create one.  Also, gold leaf idea was in my mind for a while.  It was perfect idea to seal the edge of the block.  


Steampunk_Smuggler, a jewelry maker who was exhibiting his jewelry at Craft show (only one weekend) came to see.  He was so excited to pick a Mandala for himself.  He was asking me whether I can frame a small mandala in a small frame because they travel (30 craft shows a year) with a camper.  Then he found the wooded Mandala was the perfect size for him.  Before vernish was dried, he got his Mandala and on their way to next craft show in Atlanta.  


A couple came to my tent and the lady was wearing beer cap earrings.  In side of the beer cap, there was a skeleton dressed up.  Wow, I was mesmorized to see an artist painted it in detail in such a small space. We were joking to making mandala earrings.  Fast forward, she purchased 2 pairs of earrings from me. They are not mandala, but Charleston Iron Gate design.  


I was inspired with everyone of you who connected with me this year.  All of you validated my work.  Hope to see you again.  










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Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibit

Booth No. 42

Calhoun St

Downtown Charleston, SC  

​May 27 through June 11th, 2017

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