Energy Follows Thought

Since last post, one month has passed. I was in Asheville, NC for 3 day class and followed by a trip to Michigan unexpectedly. National Association of Esoteric Healing conference was held in Okemos Michigan.

I am studying Soul Focused Healing (Esoteric Healing) which is an Ancient healing modality. It is festinating. I don't touch a client's physical body, but I can evaluate his/her chakras and organs and feel excessive, depleted Chi or imbalance of organs with chakras. Through NAEH conference, I met 110 dedicated practitioners and newest activities in this field. I was inspired.

Before this conference, I started an online course called Compassion Key. One of things I thought is interesting is "Observer Effects". The teacher explained that if there is a group of people and they are surrounding a person in the center. This person is ready to receive Miracle (or Healing). However, if some of people in the group don't believe in Miracle consciously or unconsciously, it effects the person who is receiving. It is like put a blanket on the person and try to receive light. The blanket is other people's influence.

Another example is worrying by parents to their children. A child is ready for his/her adventure in his/her life but the parent is so concerned about wellbeing of the child. The parent puts worries of unexpected accidents or events on the child. This is actually projecting the parent's issues on the child according to a healer. Worrying for someone is an unwanted prayer.

During the conference break, there was a demonstration of energy and thought with dowsing rods. A person (A) standing and a person (B) with dowsing rods was measuring how big person (A)'s aura was in normal condition. Then the third person (C) was asked to think person (A)'s dress is agry without let person (A) knows. When the person (B) measured person (A)'s aura, her aura shrunk. Then person (C) was asked to think person (A)'s dress is beautiful without telling (A). The (A) person's aura became much bigger than normal condition.

Energy Follows Thought. This is one of Esoteric Healing teachings. Healing ray (energy) to specific area can be directed by thought. I was told not to worry too much about the detailed skill. It will work perfectly.

All these teachings made me REALLY think what am I thinking to myself and others consciously or unconsciously every moment of my day. Judgements and Skepticisms are favorites of ego, but that is not our true path. When I am low, I sing "you are my sunshine...."

Thank you for reading.


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