Sisterhood Rules

There was Global Sisterhood Synchronized Meditation event on March 8th. I was invited but didn't know what to expect. That day was International Women's Day which was originated in Russia.

I love meditation and love to do with other people. When we do together, it become more powerful. We introduced each other and the facilitator read the rules from the event site. It was very refreshing to hear the rules, so I like to share here.

"Self-Responsibility: - You are invited to be in your own experience, letting go of any caretaking or fixing inclinations that may arise when a woman is sharing. This means no advice giving or commenting. Give your sister the opportunity to speak and be heard. - Please ask for permission before touching another woman (hugs or in any other way ) Language and Sharing: - Please share succinctly, one person at a time. - No commenting or replying to another woman’s share. - Please do not refer back to that which has already been said by someone in a group (example: “I just wanted to agree with Mary...”). - This is a no-sorry zone. Here we practice no longer apologizing, offering justifications, or explanations for who we are, how we feel, or what we think. If you catch yourself saying “I’m sorry” you can say “oops!” instead. - To create a circle that honors our different experiences, you are invited to speak with “I” statements to share your truth rather than “We” statements that can be generalizations. Example: “We often get overwhelmed with life” to “I often get overwhelmed” Together we can support each other in having greater authenticity and clarity in our speaking. - Let’s listen with respect, compassion, and curiosity."

During the meditation, I could see we were connecting with other sisters around the Globe. Lights were connecting like web. I was seeing in my imagination that there was still large part of Earth was not covered with web of lights, but we were connecting.

If you are interested in joining, next Global Sisterhood event will be on next New Moon day!

Love to you and me.



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