Energy vampires are my friends? (part 4)

Over the weekend, I had a discussion with my friends. I was still holding onto the feeling of unsolved issue. I understand the concept of Ho'oponopono, but the resentment is still there. How could I stop feeling that they are so needy and why do I have to deal with them?

One of the group members is a counselor. She deals with people who have trauma, anger and all sort of emotional and mental issues. So what she tells her patients is "To be present in the moment". Oh, that is cool! I was consumed by energy vampires that my mind was out of control. More think about them I get more frustrated.

After the meeting, I picked up a message. The message says...

"I let go of all my preconceived ideas. I look at life and others in a new, balanced, open and accepting way. God guides me in harmony and good judgement."

No.. 6-26

So, I started practicing it. When my mind is consumed with these people, I looked at my fingers and feeling what I am feeling on tips of my fingers. I started feeling what my body is doing. I felt this is turning the switch off from my busy mind. (of course. this is't new idea. )

Then I had "Aha!" moment! These people are very lonely. They are constantly looking for someone to come and fill their needs. I come along and pretend that I can fill it. No, I can't do it, but I show up like a red coat for a bull. When I realized that I had my apology and compassion. They don't know what is happening, but now I know. I am sorry.

Love to you and me.



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