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Energy vampires are my friends? (part 3)

March 10, 2017


During Church service, Rev. Kimberly mentioned about the service of Ho'oponopono that one of members teaches.  It is a Hawaiian prayer and I felt it is right in my heart when I heard it. 


There is a web site explaining the prayer.   http://www.laughteronlineuniversity.com/practice-hooponopono-four-simple-steps/


1.  I am sorry.

2.  Please forgive me.

3.  Thank you. 

4.  I love you. 


It starts from "I am sorry".  I said to Rev. Kimberly why do I have to apologize to the person, I don't have any thing to do it?  I couldn't get it.  She said "apologize that you were annoyed by the person."  Ok, I got it.  I was annoyed, so I have something in me that triggers.  I have total responsibility of my mind.  The prayer has more deeper meaning, but I will keep it simple.  


Then she continued about her amazing experience after having this prayer recently.  Forgiveness is the key I know.  Another lesson...


Love to you and me.  Have a fabulous weekend!









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