Energy vampires are my friends? (part 2)

I was talking to my spiritual leader about energy vampire around me. She said "if you let them...". What? So is it my fault to let them suck my energy? So, should I put a wall, or shrink my aura or close my chakras? I closed my heart chakra one morning. Don't do it, it is like having a heart attach! It took a while to open and felt normal. I wonder what can I do in daily basis?

Then I asked another teacher. She told me to go deeper with it. She explained that when we were young, we might gave our energy away to parents or someone to be liked, loved or accepted. She added "take a wall down and walk as a complete person!".

I thought about this for a week. Ok, so I have been giving my energy unconsciously. I did tapping and practiced seeing myself being totally complete and whole and radiate light 360 degrees. I told myself that I won't be hooked by their dramas, but then, more I paid attention to it, it expanded. (This was another lesson.) It was easier to said than done.

Unknowingly, I was putting a bait in the ocean for a shark to come. These people are reminding me where I was. I accept myself as a complete person, I don't need to give away my energy to anyone to be accepted.

Last weekend, Mr. B saw me at the conference room. The door was wide open, so he came in. My back was against the door. I totally ignored him, but he tapped my right shoulder and said "Are you still painting?". I said "Hi, Mr. B. Good morning. Yes, I am. I am doing mandalas now". He said "that is good!". He smiled and left. One of church members looked at me and smiling. I said "I am not hooked. I am complete and whole!".


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