Energy vampires are my friends? (part 1)

There are people who suck our energy. After we meet them, we feel exhausted. They are totally not aware of what they are doing. We are sucked into in their dramas or in energy field. My friend calls as energy vampier. Unfortunately, people won't tell them that. They just stay away from these people. I admit that I was an energy sucker in the past. I didn't know what to do with my misery back then. I am glad that I am other side now and keep healthy boundary with people.

Mr. B was once our friend. We were good friends with his wife and him, but his wife died with a breast cancer 13 years ago. Back then, we all (6 couples) loved and helped them. Only thing was he didn't help anyone but himself. He went to depression and took a nap while she was getting cancer treatment by herself when they were in FL (They lived in SC and moved to FL). They came back to SC and needed our help. After her death, he lost his friends one by one. He now lives in a senior home, not communicating with others and not enjoying the life some people wish for. (I might be judging here.)

Early last year, I saw him at the front area, so I said to him "Good morning! How are you doing? Do you want to feel my cold hand?" I haven't see him for a long time and it was nice to see him there. That was my innocent gesture to surprise him with it while he is at a beautiful warm place. Mr. B is in 80s, so I was doing I used to do with my grandmother when I was a little. In the winter time in Sapporo, I put my cold hands on her neck and we laughed together. I shook hands with him, but he took it all wrong. The next time I saw him he said "Can you get me out of here?". He hold my hand and scratching my palm. I was shocked and couldn't say a word! @@

Since then, he started waiting for me to come every Sunday morning. Sometimes, he came to the conference room and looked for me. I didn't know what to say. I just ignored him at the front. It has been over a year now. Everyone at Church knows about him now.


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