There are no mistakes.

During creating mandalas, there are some happy mistakes happen. This mandala is one of example.

Somehow while I was drawing 4 circles, all of them moved away same distance from the center point. It wasn't intentional, but then, they created a perfect square in the middle.

It was so perfect, I decided to keep working on it. I felt this mandala was an unusual one.

A few months later, I was visiting my friend. We were talking about her trip to Israel and she brought a set of cards called King Solomon's card. I was looking at them and found one of King Solomon's Seal is exactly as same as my mandala. Wow, I didn't know there is such thing as King Solomon's cards and seals.

The pattern on the mandala has specific meaning according to the seal. The seals means that

it opens all the doors and locks and release you from any limiting situations.

I was so glad that I didn't give up. It is my mind judge it is good or bad. There might be more than I can imagine.

Here is a link to the artist who created the cards.

Also, I saw Matt Kahn's YouTube video recently. He talks about end of clearing negativity. The title is A message to All Light Workers. He also talk about mistakes in our lives.

Open all the doors and locks, and release you from any limiting situations1


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