My Heart is My Art...

Came back from a weekend workshop from Asheville. It was very successful weekend! Learn new things and connected with other students. I always think this, "I never dreamed what is happening right now. How has this happened?". I am very grateful.

After the workshop, I had a private session with my teacher Deborah Mills to find out of my personal block that I have been dealing with over 15 years. Believe or not, I had a fear of showing who I am through my art. I didn't know why. When people said "your work is beautiful!", I felt I had to hide and not sell the piece, etc. It was getting better, but I wanted to find out the core issue and end the problem.

This is the result of my session. I am so lucky to have Deborah Mills as my teacher. This is what she said during our session.

My heart is my art.

My heart is big enough to share with everyone.

Nobody is unworthy of love, no matter where they come from and with any form.

My heart and art belong to God and share the beauty with world.

More I give my heart away through my art, my heart will be receptive to receive more love.

Beautiful heart & art belong to God.

Now it is between God and me

I will give heat & art to you God and God will send it to a perfect place and keeps radiating the love. My heart & art connect with other part of HEART!



Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibit

Booth No. 42

Calhoun St

Downtown Charleston, SC  

​May 27 through June 11th, 2017

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