Entering Aura


I have traveled to McCaysville, GA to take art classes at Delphi University.  It is called Entura Art.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but when I hear  about it twice from different people, I had to pay attention.  If it is enhancing my art, nothing comes in front of my art.  Art is my passion.    


The students were from Vancouver, Idaho, Virginia, Atlanta, Connecticut and Lebanon.  Our teacher has been leading us and the results were more than I could imagine.


One of assignments was “Ask to understand a past life and the quality displayed most helpful in this life time?”.   We created by free hand with pastels, no intention of creating objects mentally.  I didn’t expect to what to come out, but trust and let all information come out on the paper.  













From this painting, I could see there was a huge explosion (red).  The tragic event killed many people.  I see silhouettes of angel flying and another angel praying.  Middle of all, there was a man on the ground by the water praying.  The teacher asked me where were you?  I realized that I was the man praying (lime green being).   

 I was told that I acquired that meaning of Compassion of Bodhisattva from this event.   

Past Live 1.jpg
Past 3.jpg