What is "Mandala"?  Mandala means a "circle" in Sanskrit language.  

Mandala symbolizes Unity and Harmony and is used as a tool to aid for meditation. 


Visually appealing geometric shapes and colors will clam our mind in left brain and activate the creative side in right brain.  It is said that hanging a mandala in a room promotes flow of energy.    


My Mandala Art

Each mandala is created on a black paper made in Italy.  Black color contains all colors and represents Universe.  Light is hiding in darkness and the nature of light is to come out to shine and sparkle.  I look for the geometric patterns and let the light shine through by dots and lines with combinations of colors.  Every dot represents a light in the universe at a point in time.  Before I start a mandala, I ask Universe and Masters to help me to complete, knowing it is created through me.  


My Mandala has its own life.  There are only 2 basic patterns to start with, but there are unlimited possibilities.  There are no titles on my mandalas, just numbers.  I would like viewers to feel and find what is in mandalas, not from my personal intention.  Maybe what attracted them can't be described by a single word.  If I have my own intention, that is just "become the instrument of the art".  

In the center, I place a Swarovski crystal.  The smallest crystal is 1.7 - 1.9mm and gives a finishing touch.  One way of enjoying my Mandala is to imagine the mandala come down from your head to down like wearing it.  

©  Ryoko Chiba Miller All rights reserved since 2000.

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